1. A valid Centenary ID Card must be presented to enter the facility.

  2. Proper attire required (shirt and athletic shoes, shorts, and sweats) for all persons using the facility. Jeans, sandals, flip-flops, and/or open-end shoes are not allowed. Shoes that leave makings on floor will not be allowed in activity areas.

  3. Safety first (use correct technique when operating equipment).

  4. Warm-up prior to workout and cool-down after workout.

  5. If you do not know how to set equipment and/or need help with your program, please see staff before beginning your workout.

  6. Please report any discomfort or injuries to facility staff.

  7. Please limit yourself to 30 minutes on equipment when people are waiting.

  8. Please wipe control panels, seats, pads, and railings when you complete your workout.

  9. Always use a spotter and lift within your capabilities.

  10. Weights and/or dumbbells should not be placed on benches or resting against walls.

  11. Please lower and raise the weight plates carefully. Do not drop weight on the floor after sets or strike together between reps.

  12. Return all plates and dumbbells to designated positions labeled on the racks and weight trees.

  13. Weight equipment is not to leave the free weight area.

  14. Food, drink, gum, and/or tobacco is not permitted in the Fitness Center, except in designated areas.

  15. Dependents must be at least 15 years of age to access the cardio, free weight areas, and pool. Dependents must have parental supervision at all times. Dependents under 15 are only allowed in the basketball courts. 

  16. All dependents that are not legal adults (18 or older) must have parent supervision at all times while visiting the Fitness Center. All dependents must have proof of vaccination and signed consent forms. 

  17. Inappropriate behavior or use of the equipment is not allowed and may result in loss of privileges.

  18. Lost articles are kept at the Front Desk or Manager’s Office. The Centenary Fitness Center is not responsible for lost items.

  19. Animals (except service animals), bicycles, inline skates, and/or skateboards are NOT permitted in the Fitness Center.

  20. Hours and availability are subject to change due to campus events and activities. 
  21. All paying members must complete a Centenary Cancellation Form in person in order for their membership to be canceled and payments for the membership to end. If members do not fill out a cancellation form they will continue to be charged for their membership. The Membership Cancellation Request must be received before the 1st day of the next monthly billing cycle for the request to be considered. All accounts must have a zero balance upon cancellation.

Proper use of the Centenary Fitness Center will help facilitate everyone’s opportunity to have a safe and productive workout. All members of the Fitness Center are required to adhere to the Centenary College of Louisiana Code of Conduct Rules and Regulations. Failure to comply with these guidelines and policies may result in loss of privileges. Your cooperation will assist in keeping our facilities safe, clean and beneficial for all participants.

Membership Terms

Memberships may be purchased one of two ways; monthly or annually. Annual memberships run for a full calendar year. Yearly fees must be paid at the time of the application. Monthly rates will be automatically charged on the same day of the month that the application is processed from the account provided.

Guest Policy

Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees are good for one day only and may be paid at the Front Desk.

  • Guests must present and leave a picture ID when entering the facility.

  • All guests are subject to the same policies and regulations as the entire campus community.

  • Guests will be required to sign an Informed Consent Form and release of liability form at each time they use the facility.



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