2018-2019 Members

Dr. Jeanne Hamming, Faculty Chair

Faculty-Natural Sciences
Dr. Dave Thomas

Faculty-Social Sciences
Dr. Barbara Davis

Mr. Michael Pullano

Staff, exempt
Ms. Jena McKinzie

Staff, non-exempt
Ms. Lauron Callaway

Cason Hancock

Provost, ex-officio
Dr. Jenifer K. Ward

Vice President of Finance and
Administration, ex-officio
Mr. Bob Blue

Purposes and Responsibilities

This committee will make recommendations and provide feedback on matters of economic policy. To this end it will have access to the college budget figures and be able to review these amounts to ensure they are consistent with the economic policies recommended by the Council. To make recommendations on staffing, the committee will work in sub-committees. Staff recommendations will be considered by the staff members of the committee and faculty recommendations by the faculty members. The committee as a whole will make recommendations to the President and suggest priorities on additional staffing. The faculty sub-committee will meet annually to make overall faculty salary recommendations and when necessary to review academic budgets.

The primary function of this committee is to recommend policy, not review budgets by line item. This group should endeavor to determine in what areas Centenary should commit its resources and make recommendations to the President accordingly.


This committee will be composed of three staff members at least one of whom is non-exempt* and one is exempt*, three faculty members, and one student member. (03/01) Staff members who report directly to the President are not eligible for service to the Economic Policy Committee. (05/05) The three faculty members, one from each division, will be elected by the faculty-at-large for three-year staggered terms to serve as the faculty representatives on the Committee. Each division will nominate two divisional candidates from among which the faculty will elect one. The student member is recommended by SGA and approved by the President. The Academic Dean (Provost) and Vice President for Finance and Administration will serve as an ex officio members of the Committee. Three positions (the faculty chair, the staff chair, and the secretary) will be elected by the members of the Committee at the beginning of each academic year or as necessary. Both chairs will be responsible for setting agenda items pertinent to their constituencies and reporting at relevant times (e.g., at faculty and staff meetings). (05/08)

  • non-exempt staff - one who is neither primarily engaged in academic instruction nor charged with administrative or managerial responsibility, and who is not primarily a student.
  • exempt staff - one who holds a position of executive, administrative or managerial responsibility or one that requires recognized professional achievement either by formal training or equivalent experience and who meets the appropriate minimum salary test contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Last updated 27 August 2018