2018-2019 Members

Dr. Michelle Glaros

All Tenured Faculty


Purposes and Responsibilities

Regarding matters of salary, promotion, tenure, renewal or non-renewal of appointment, termination, and any other matters bearing on faculty performance and professional concerns, including alleged infringement upon academic freedom, faculty members shall have the right to a review of their grievance according to the procedure described in Section 13 of the Faculty Handbook.

This committee provides a means whereby an aggrieved faculty member may obtain a review before a well informed, disinterested body of peers elected by the faculty for that purpose. The Appeals Committee, in order to be well informed, will have access to all relevant information under control of the officers of the College. The function of the appeals procedure is to determine whether a grievance is well founded and to make recommendations regarding the resolution of disputes.



The tenured members of the faculty shall serve as standing members of the Appeals Committee. Whenever a grievance is filed, committee members will be asked to take on added responsibility. Annually, the tenured faculty of the College will elect by majority vote a faculty member to serve as chair of the Appeals Committee. The chair of the Appeals Committee may serve for up to a period of three successive years. Faculty Personnel Council members will not be eligible to serve as chair of the Appeals Committee until their term of service on Faculty Personnel Council has ended.

Last updated 20 September 2018