2024-2025 Members

Director of Athletics (ex officio)
Mr. David Orr

Compliance Coordinator (ex officio)
Ms. Jackie Fain

NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
Dr. Kyle Ristig, Chair

Faculty Representative (male)
Dr. George Tiller

Faculty Representative (female)
Dr. Terrie Johnson

Student (male)

Student (female)

Purpose and Responsibilities

This committee assesses the various aspects of intercollegiate athletics with the goal of establishing and maintaining standards of scholarship and sportsmanship consistent with the values and traditions of Centenary College and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). It also serves as an advisory body to the administration and faculty on all matters concerning intercollegiate athletic programs. To this end, the Committee should have access to the operational budget of the athletic department, documentation submitted to the NCAA and conference, and all documentation related to compliance issues, academic progress, and athletes’ GPAs. The Committee provides input to the President and standing committees on decisions that directly affect the student-athlete, serves as a liaison between intercollegiate athletics and the academic areas of the college, and serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Athletics. The Director shall advise the committee of significant NCAA policies, rules, and regulations and provide interpretations of their applicability to the athletic program at Centenary.  They seek the advice of the Committee on any major proposed changes in athletic policy and programs. The Committee also serves in an advisory capacity in the employment of athletic personnel, scheduling, and student-athlete travel.


The Committee is composed of two faculty members (one male, one female), the NCAA faculty athletic representative, two students (one male and one female), the Director of Athletics (ex officio and without vote), the Compliance Coordinator (ex officio and without vote), and the Senior Women’s Administrator (ex officio and without vote). Faculty members are recommended by the Faculty Coordinating Council for staggered terms of three years and appointed by the President. Student members are recommended by the SGA and appointed by the President. One of the faculty members shall serve as the chair of the committee. Care should be taken that, with the exception of the Director of Athletics, faculty members of the committee are not involved in coaching or administration within the intercollegiate athletic program in any way.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.