Centenary awards diplomas during spring commencement exercises for Class of 2023

SHREVEPORT, LA - Centenary College of Louisiana held commencement exercises for the Class of 2023 on Saturday, May 6, at the Gold Dome. The College awarded bachelor of arts and science degrees to undergraduates as well as master’s degrees in education and business.

Twenty-eight students in the Class of 2023 graduated summa cum laude, earning grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Seventeen students earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and 13 achieved cum laude, with a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA. Twenty-one students graduated with departmental honors.

Herb “Flight Time” Lang, a 1998 Centenary graduate and 18-year veteran of The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, delivered the commencement address. Reverend William E. “Wishy” Nolan received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters during the ceremony. Shreveport’s Second Line Brass Band, directed by Robert Trudeau, led the procession out of the Gold Dome with a traditional New Orleans second line.

A photo gallery is available at centenary.edu/photos.


Sydney Marie Bascomb
Corey Bowe
Brianna Danielle Callicoatte
Holly Victoria Carter
Sierra Allana Charles
Emily Elspeth Clarke
Phoebe Morgan Cragon
Taylor Raeann Deville
Anna Maria DiMaggio
Ian Joseph Givens
Christine Elizabeth Goodman
Kendall Christine Huff
Ashley Autumn Paige Hunter
Bryn Holly Jenkins
Renee Julianne Katz
Payton Hodges Lii
Remi Claudette Miller
Dorothy Kate Mims
Jonathan Stephen Hudson Okereke
Kaylea Nicole Jean Patridge
Anton Walfred Pelto
Jaron Bradley Petreas
Sabrina Marie Scott
Caleb Bryant Smith
Kennedy F. Stephens
Anna Jane Storms
Natalie Elaine Taylor-Watkins
Camila Izabal Weber


Sami Kristopher Borchalli
Porter Mathieu Boudreaux
Isabella Taya Brown
Rose C. Deshler
Janette Kathleen Gary
Cassandra Halford
Camryn L. Hebert
Trevor deWitt Henry
Katie Anne Malicoat
Devan Lewis Martin
Kaitlin Elizabeth Norris
Kallie Danielle Pierce
Jaycie Kate Proctor
Emily Florence Reid
Caroline LeeAnne Richmond
Emily Ann Sander
Greta Jane Simolke


Carson J. Alvarez
Kalani Rae Briggs
Collier James Cloinger
Jessica Pamela Cordova Rivera
Christopher Dant
Lauren Danielle Hall
Jerney Nicole Shelah Harms
Cassidy Hope Jones
Arden Miller
Jazziraé LeDazia Robinson
Casey S. Swize
Taylor Ann Wilson
Haley I. Z. Puckett


Sydney Marie Bascomb, Geology
Porter Mathieu Boudreaux, Neuroscience
Isabella Taya Brown, Biology
Brianna Danielle Callicoatte, Biology and Neuroscience
Holly Victoria Carter, Neuroscience
Phoebe Morgan Cragon, English
Rose C. Deshler, Biology and Neuroscience
Anna Maria DiMaggio, Music and Philosophy
Cassandra Halford, Neuroscience
Lauren Danielle Hall, Biology
Jerney Nicole Shelah Harms, Biology
Camryn L. Hebert, Biology
Bryn Holly Jenkins, Chemistry
Payton Hodges Lii, Chemistry
Jonathan Stephen Hudson Okereke, Biology and Neuroscience
Anton Walfred Pelto, Biology
Jaron Bradley Petreas, Economics
Jaycie Kate Proctor, Biology
Emily Florence Reid, Biology
Caleb Bryant Smith, History and Political Science
Kennedy F. Stephens, Psychology

Emilie M. Adams, Communication: Professional Writing
Emilie M. Adams, English: Creative Writing
Carson J. Alvarez, Music: Performance
Charity Nicole Anderson, Psychology
Marco A. Basteris, Biology
Patience Angelica Bates, Communication: Film/Television/Video
Diane M. Battaglia, English
Sami Kristopher Borchalli, Political Science
Adam J. Born, Music: Choral Music
Corey Bowe, Music: Composition
Markiese Jamar Boykin, Political Science & Sociology
Kalani Rae Briggs, Sociology
Isabella Taya Brown, Biology
Matthew W. Carey, Psychology
Jazmine S. Carroll, Biology
Sierra Allana Charles, Political Science
Emily Elspeth Clarke, Theatre
Collier James Cloinger, History
Kyle Comi, Communication: Professional Writing
Jessica Pamela Cordova Rivera, Psychology
Phoebe Morgan Cragon, English: Creative Writing
Phoebe Morgan Cragon, French
Karlie E. Delhommer, Biology
Taylor Raeann Deville, Communication: Film/Television/Video
Anna Maria DiMaggio, Music: Composition
Anna Maria DiMaggio, Philosophy
Haleigh Marie Gangloff, Psychology
Janette Kathleen Gary, Art: Studio Art
Gyllian L. Gautreaux, Communication: Film/Television/Video
Christine Elizabeth Goodman, Political Science & History
Emily A. Grant, Art: Studio Art
Coleman Edward Guidry, Psychology
Coleman Edward Guidry, Biology
James Marshall Harris IV, Music: Performance
Rachel E. Helm, History
Camren S. Hohn, Theatre
Camren S. Hohn, History
Ashley Autumn Paige Hunter, Psychology
Zuri Philleatric Jenkins, French
Wendy Jimenez, History
Wendy Jimenez, Religious Studies
Leilani Ayiana Deaja Johnson, Psychology
Cassidy Hope Jones, English: Literary Studies
Cassidy Hope Jones, Theatre
Jazzmyn La’Rae Jones, Political Science
Renee Julianne Katz, Political Science
Ann-Elizabeth Boersma Knight, Political Science
Madeline Grace LaBorde, Communication: New Media Design
Sydney Blair LeBoeuf, Psychology
Payton Hodges Lii, Economics
Elizabeth Anne Lowe, Biology
Divine Charles Martin, Political Science
Mariah Faith Martinez, Sociology
Bayley Brooke Mayo, Psychology
Brenlyee Kallen Meaux, Political Science
Remi Claudette Miller, Political Science
Arden Miller, Theatre
Celeste Alma Muniz, Psychology
Kaitlin Elizabeth Norris, English: Literary Studies
Alaina Paige Owens, Psychology
Jaron Bradley Petreas, Economics
Kallie Danielle Pierce, Theatre
Jazziraé LeDazia Robinson, Music: Performance
Sophia E. Romanski, Art: Studio Art
Emily Ann Sander, Biology
Avery Ann Sanderson, Psychology
Sabrina Marie Scott, Theatre
Liam Ross Shacklette, Music
Greta Jane Simolke, Communication: Film/Television/Video
Paden V. Sisterhen, Psychology
Caleb Bryant Smith, Political Science
Caleb Bryant Smith, Philosophy
Kennedy F. Stephens, Psychology
Anna Jane Storms, Art: Arts Management
Casey S. Swize, Psychology
Reygan Nicole Taylor, Theatre
Samantha Elise Taylor, Biology
Natalie Elaine Taylor-Watkins, Psychology
Kylie RenèWalker, Political Science
Jayla N. Washington, Biology
Lacey M. Wedge, Psychology
Haley I. Z. Puckett, Psychology


David J. Barbera, III, Business Administration: Sports Management
Sydney Marie Bascomb, Geology
Jalen A. J. Behr, Business Administration: Sports Management
Jacob Paul Holden Bennett, Business Administration: Commerce
Sami Kristopher Borchalli, Biology
Porter Mathieu Boudreaux, Neuroscience & Biology
Yosajandy M. Bouslog, Biology
Morgan Katherine Bradford, Biology & Neuroscience
Benjamin Edward Bridges, Business Administration: Commerce
Kevin Nathan Brown, Jr., Neuroscience
Brianna Danielle Callicoatte, Biology
Brianna Danielle Callicoatte, Neuroscience
Holly Victoria Carter, Biology & Neuroscience
Sara Marie Clement, Geology
Christopher Lee Dant, Business Administration: Sports Management
Zachary T. Davis, Business Administration: Sports Management
Rose C. Deshler, Biology
Rose C. Deshler, Neuroscience
Christian Diaz, Business Administration: Commerce
Brandon Blake Federico, Biology
Ian Joseph Givens, Business Administration: Commerce & Philosophy
Cassandra Halford, Biochemistry & Neuroscience
Lauren Danielle Hall, Biology
Jerney Nichole Shelah Harms, Biology & Neuroscience
Camryn L. Hebert, Biology
Quentin K. Helm, Business Administration: Commerce
Trevor deWitt Henry, Business Administration: Commerce
Kendall Christine Huff, Accounting
Kendall Christine Huff, Business Administration: Commerce
Bryn Holly Jenkins, Chemistry: American Chemical Society Accredited
Zuri Philleatric Jenkins, Business Administration: International Business
Jacob Benjamin Lievre, Business Administration: Sports Management
Payton Hodges Lii, Chemistry: American Chemical Society Accredited
Ethan C. Little, Business Administration: Commerce
Katie Anne Malicoat, Biology
Devan Lewis Martin, Business Administration: Commerce
Catrell Jose McCulloch, Business Administration: Investments
Dorothy Mims, Biochemistry
Ariel O. Muller, Business Administration: Commerce
Xavier Noyola-Ramirez, Business Administration: Sports Management
Jonathan Stephen Hudson Okereke, Biology
Jonathan Stephen Hudson Okereke, Neuroscience
Kaylea Nicole Jean Patridge, Biology
Hayden David Payne, Biology
Anton Walfred Pelto, Biology
Parker Anthony Primeaux, Business Administration: Sports Management
Jaycie Kate Proctor, Biology
Emily Florence Reid, Neuroscience & Biology
Caroline LeeAnne Richmond, Accounting
Peyton Anthony Thibodeaux, Business Administration: Sports Management
Logan Alexander Thielepape, Business Administration: Sports Management
Seth M. Thomas, Business Administration: Investments
Nolan Alexander Tomasek, Neuroscience & Biology
John Mark Waniewski, Business Administration: Commerce
John Mark Waniewski, Accounting
Trent Nehemiah Washington, Business Administration: Sports Management
Camila Izabal Weber, Biology & Neuroscience
Taylor Ann Wilson, Biology
Andrew Nelson Young, Business Administration: Sports Management

Lyle Avery Alford, Elementary Education
Rachel Dawn Gordon, Choral Music K-12
Sylwia Anna Gasiorek-Pinkney, Elementary Education
Ashley Necole Tyler, Choral Music K-12

Tevin Lawrence Baker
Sierra Allana Charles
Alyssa Leigh Davis
Rachel-Marie Demerjian
Lauren Carlton Hawkins
Brannon H. Henson
Christopher Harrison John
Ethan C. Little
Preston Harvie Ludwick
Gin Pau
Conner Poche
Mallory Linden Stout
Jarrell Isaiah Taylor
Sethan Robert Ward
Hayden Charles Weber
Connor Wellman
Matthew Young


Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.