Biology Department

The Biology Department strives to challenge the intellectual curiosity of students by emphasizing the complexity and interrelatedness of life systems as revealed through the unifying law of evolution. We provide a broad biological background for all students. Classroom and laboratory experiences are complemented by off-campus opportunities designed to prepare students for professional and graduate programs.

The Biology Department has a particularly strong curriculum for students interested in health-related fields. Many of our graduates have been accepted into regional and national medical and allied health schools. As well as a traditional pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary curriculum, the department is involved in an interdisciplinary environmental science program with several other science departments, so students interested in ecology and organismal biology will find opportunities for study in those fields. A neuroscience program is also administered by the department. Because Centenary allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major in consultation with faculty members, anyone interested in life sciences will find many educational opportunities at the College.


Scott Chirhart info
Associate Professor & Department Chair of Biology; Warters Chair of Biology Department
B.S. Southwestern University, 1998; Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 2003.

Beth Leuck info
Mary Amelia Douglas-Whited Eminent Scholars Endowed Chair of Neurobiology
Professor of Biology

B.S., Michigan State University, 1973; M.S., 1975, Ph.D., 1980, University of Oklahoma.

Ed Leuck info
Professor of Biology
B.S., Michigan State University, 1973; M.S., 1975, Ph.D., 1980, University of Oklahoma.

Cristina Caldari-Farren info
Assistant Professor of Biology
Broyles Inaugural Chair

B.S., Universidad de Puerto Rico, 2002. M.S., University of Florida, Gainesville, 2005. Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville, 2009.

Rebecca Murphy info
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana, 2006. Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 2012.

Jarrett Richardson
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
B.S., Tarleton State University, 2005. Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2013.

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