Officers of the Board

  • Mr. G. Archer Frierson II, Chairman

  • Mr. C. Ellis Brown '79, Vice Chair

  • Mr. Ross Barrett, Treasurer

  • Mr. George D. Nelson, Jr., Secretary

  • Vacant, Past Chairman

Documents for the Board of Trustees

Regular Members

  • Mr. John E. Atkins, Shreveport
  • Mr. Ross P. Barrett, Shreveport
  • Mr. C. Ellis Brown, Jr. '79, Shreveport
  • Mr. William H. Broyles II '75, Shreveport
  • Mrs. Sarah Collier, Benton
  • Mr. J. Stafford Comegys '82, Shreveport
  • Mr. Edward J. Crawford III, Shreveport
  • Mrs. Beth Bonner DeVille '99, Baton Rouge
  • Mr. Mark D. Eldredge '82, Shreveport
  • Mrs. Lennis S. Elston '66, Shreveport
  • Mr. G. Archer Frierson II, Shreveport
  • Mr. Oliver Jenkins, Shreveport
  • Dr. P. Michael Mann '63, Houston, TX
  • Mr. Ian McElroy, Shreveport
  • Mr. Thomas E. McElroy, Shreveport
  • Rev. R. Lee McKinzie '77, Baton Rouge
  • Mr. Jerry Montgomery '72, Shreveport
  • Mr. Terry E. Moore '07, Shreveport
  • Mr. George D. Nelson, Jr., Shreveport
  • Mr. Jon Q=Petersen '72, Shreveport
  • Mr. W.C. “Bubba” Rasberry, Jr., Shreveport
  • Rev. Carol Borne Spencer '69, New Orleans, LA
  • Ms. Lucie Thornton '79, Shreveport
  • Ms. Marty L. Vaughan '66, Jonesville, TX
  • Dr. Melva Williams, Austin, TX


Ex-Officio Members

  • Rev. Delores “Dee” Williamston, Bishop of the Louisiana Conference
  • Dr. Christopher L. Holoman, President and CEO of the College

Life Members

  • Dr. William G. Anderson '70, Shreveport
  • Mrs. Patricia A. O'Brien, Shreveport
  • Rev. Dr. William D. Peeples '61, Shreveport
  • Mr. Austin G. Robertson, Jr. '89, Shreveport
  • Dr. W. Juan Watkins '59, Shreveport

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.