There are five requirements to be considered the recipient of a talent-based scholarship: Letter of Intent, Portfolio, Interview, Resume, and Recommendation Letters. Review of applications is ongoing until scholarship funds for the year are exhausted.


Students must submit a letter detailing reasons for choosing to pursue a Studio Art major at Centenary College. Letters should be addressed to Professor Bruce Allen, and sent by email to, or by mail to:

Professor Bruce Allen
Department of Art & Visual Culture
Art Scholarship Application
Centenary College of Louisiana
2911 Centenary Blvd.
Shreveport, LA 71104


Students must submit at least 20 clear images of recent artwork to Professor Allen. Images may be mailed or emailed to the address above, and in any digital or photographic format. Each item must be clearly listed or labeled with your name, the title of the work, its date of execution, medium and size. Alternatively, you may bring a portfolio of originals for Professor Allen to examine.


Students must arrange for an interview with Professor Allen to discuss goals, interests, and the direction of study intended. This may be arranged as a phone interview. You may contact him at 318-869-5260.


Students must submit a current resume detailing their educational, artistic, and work experience.


Students must submit at least two letters of confidential recommendation from teachers or other professional, adult associates who have experience and knowledge of their artwork and work habits. These may be submitted by email, but must come directly from the recommender.




Contact Info

Bruce Allen

Department Chair