The philosophy major is not a path to just one career. One does not typically major in philosophy to become a philosopher. So, what do philosophy majors do after graduation? More importantly, what do Centenary philosophy majors do after graduation? Their lives follow many different, impressive paths--ranging from medicine to law to travel photography to teaching to careers in health and fitness. 

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Joanna Warren '16

Joanna double majored in philosophy and political science. She is earning her masters degree in public affairs from Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas--Austin.
Ashley Jackson ‘11

Philosophy, Minor in Political Science

Philosophy has truly benefited my law school career. One of the first things an attorney said he noticed about my resume was the fact that I’m a philosophy major. In law school it is important to not only understand your side of the argument, but also the argument of your opponent. I am able to critically examine how to advocate for my position, as well as breakdown my opponent’s argument, so I can effectively make arguments against it.

Nadine Kaskas ‘11

Philosophy & Biology

A background in philosophy is invaluable in negotiating the complex ethical dilemmas that healthcare providers may encounter in practice.

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