Oral Presenters:

  • Each presenter is allotted 10 minutes; 8 minutes for speaking and 2 minutes for answering questions. In order to hold to the schedule, you will be held to the 10-minute limit. Make sure to allow a little time for questions.
  • A computer with Powerpoint and a projector will be available at each presentation location (Carlisle auditorium for Natural Science presentations, Kilpatrick for Social Science & Humanities presentations.) If you need something other than these, contact Scott Chirhart to make other accommodations.
  • Please load any computer files onto the computer BEFORE your presentation. That is, either before the session begins or during a scheduled break. The sessions are on a tight schedule, so the time you take loading your Powerpoint is time out of your 10 minutes. On a similar note, it would be wise to show up with your presentation stored in a couple of places (e.g., in your email box and on a USB drive), just in case one doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Make sure to consult the online schedule to note your presentation time.


Poster Presenters:

  • Your poster should be up on the second floor of Mickle Hall with you at its side by 11am. The judges will begin examining the work by 11:10am. You’ll be expected to be with your poster to answer any questions the judges might have. In addition, many presenters like to have a brief summary prepared (about 2 minutes) for when a judge inevitably asks, “So, tell me about what you did.”
  • There are no strict criteria for the format of the poster (e.g., a single, large sheet vs. individual panels). Therefore, the format is left at the discretion of the presenter.