Exchange Application Form

Step 1

In addition to completing the Centenary Exchange Application form, please submit the following documents:

  • Essay: Submit a typed response to the four questions listed below. Each of the four responses should be at least one-half of a page in length.

What factors prompted you to apply for this particular program?

What are your academic, professional, and personal goals for participating in this program?

Describe any experience you have had adjusting to a new culture.

How do you hope to contribute to the Centenary community upon successfully completing this experience?

  • Transcript: An unofficial copy of your most recent Centenary transcript. In the case of a transfer student, the student must have completed at least one semester of study at Centenary.
  • Two Completed Reference Forms: One reference must be completed by a faculty member assessing the student’s academic qualifications. The other reference may be completed by another faculty or a staff member. Please use the Reference Forms on the Office of Intercultural Engagement website for all references.


Step 2:

Once your application has been evaluated and met Centenary’s requirements to participate in a program abroad, you must proceed to complete the exchange institution’s application. Please submit it to the Office of Intercultural Engagement for review before submitting.


Step 3:

If accepted by the exchange program, you will then send the institution any additional information that is
required, apply for your visa, secure housing abroad, and make travel arrangements. You will also have predeparture orientation to help you prepare for your term away. It is important to contact the Office of Intercultural Engagement with any questions you may have.

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Personal Information

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Academic Information

Program Information

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How did you hear about this program?

Once accepted into the program, information may also be sent to parent(s)/guardian(s)/partner. Please confirm your consent by providing: