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What does CLC stand for?

CLC stands for "Christian Leadership Center." The program was founded in 1974 and was originally called the Church Careers Program.

Is CLC a major?

No. CLC is an academic program within Centenary College that accepts students of all majors and from all denominations. The CLC is an intense co-curricular activity designed to promote the exploration of what it means to be called to Christian leadership.

Do I receive academic credit for CLC?

Yes. Each participant enrolls in REL 200-CLC class. This one-credit hour course may be repeated a maximum of eight times. Credit is based on the satisfactory completion of the CLC's specific semester requirements.

Do you have to be a United Methodist to join?

Absolutely not! While Centenary College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, CLC students come from many different Christian traditions. It is this diversity that makes us so unique. Learning to love, listen, and work with one another helps promote religious tolerance and a rich appreciation for differences. We have had students affiliated with Assembly of God, Baptist, Methodist Presbyterian, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Episcopalian, non-denominational, and several other traditions. We have even included non-Christian students who seek to learn more about Christianity.

Do I have to major in Religious Studies to participate in CLC?

No. Any full-time Centenary student can participate in CLC, and CLC students can major in any undergraduate degree program offered by the College.

I don't want to be a preacher or professional church worker. Should I join CLC?

Yes! At CLC, we believe God calls all people to be ministers of the message of God's love. We believe that ministry is lived out in many different ways - some are called to be clergy, others are called to be teachers, doctors, writers, or artists. Some are called to be full-time parents.

If you are interested in exploring your faith, thinking critically about your beliefs, and learning how God has a purpose for your life, then the CLC may be the place for you.

How do I get into the program?

First, you need to apply to Centenary College. Then, you may apply to the CLC by applying online.

In addition to the online application, you'll need to submit a personal essay and a letter of recommendation and have an interview with CLC staff.

Once accepted, do I participate in CLC every year?

It's up to you. Your commitment to CLC lasts for is on a semester basis; however, if a student is working toward a Pathways endorsement certificate, they will need to enroll in CLC for a minimum of six semesters. Every student interested in returning to the CLC program and has submitted an original application, enrolls again in REL 200. Current students in good standing receive first priority for acceptance to the program

How am I recognized for CLC participation?

Students who meet the requirements of the Pathways program will receive a certificate of endorsement. Students who successfully complete six or more semesters of CLC (REL 200) + the additional coursework or service hours listed in the Pathways program will receive a certificate of endorsement and honors cords at graduation. A certificate of endorsement is recognized by many regional faith communities, graduate schools and faith based non-profit organizations as proof of one's readiness for ministry, seminary training, graduate school, non-profit or local church leadership

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