The CLC program equips students to respond to the challenges of a changing world by deepening their faith as they discern their academic and professional goals. The program prepares students to lead by Christian principles based on scripture, tradition, experience and reason.  CLC develops leaders, not only within the institution of the church, but also as successful business and community leaders.  Full-time Centenary students who enroll in CLC examine a different topic of study each academic year on a rotational basis.


Annual Topics, 2020-2024

spiritual FORMATION & Christian reasoning (2020-2021)

Examine theoretical and practical approaches to all areas of Christian formation including theology, scripture, tradition, experience and reason that encourage meaningful life development by discussing faith in relation to storytelling and narrative.

Spiritual Disciplines (2021-2022)

Study and experience Christian practices such as prayer, meditation, reading, reflection, and service as practices to help students discern how to live simply and intentionally in an expanding and complex world.

Servant Leadership (2022-2023)

Explore the Christian response to issues of peace, justice, and reconciliation in an age of finite resources and a more global economy.

Church of the 21st century (2023-2024)

Investigate new approaches to church leadership, worship, and education with an emphasis on the use of sustainability and global society.


Program Components


CLC participants attend a class called Colloquium (Latin for "conversation") every Thursday evening. Each colloquium is designed to be a forum for students to converse about issues affecting the church today, to learn about different resources for effective ministry, and to share as a community in worship and fellowship.

Fall Retreat

Fall Retreat is held the first weekend after the first week of school for all CLC participants. The weekend includes a two-day seminar on the annual topic of study, community building, and worship. (Oh, yeah....and fun on the lake!). The fall retreat is a requirement for all CLC participants.


During the academic term, students spend four hours per week for ten weeks (40 hours per semester) engaged in hands-on, practical ministry. Students are assigned a mentor from a local congregation or service organization who provides direction and encouragement. The student and mentor set learning goals and evaluate the internship experience twice a semester.

Small Groups

During small group sessions, students engage in discussions about the class reading materials, share personal insights and questions, and reflect on the implications of their experiences for professional ministry. Small group experiences are led by dedicated community leaders in ministry who are trained and assisted by the CLC staff.

Credo Exploration

Credo, or "I believe," Exploration enables the student to integrate academic learning and field experience into self-identity and to formulate theological perspective. Students engage in both written and oral credos and complete one per semester. These meaningful Credo Exploration topics encourage students to articulate issues of spiritual formation, theology, and leadership.

CLC Endorsement

A Certificate of Endorsement is recognized by many regional faith communities as proof of one's readiness for professional ministry, seminary training, or local church leadership. Students who successfully complete three or more academic years (minimum of six semesters) of CLC which encompass four topics of study AND who also pass three Religious Studies courses are eligible to receive a Certificate of Endorsement from Centenary College’s Christian Leadership Center.

Community Events

CLC offers several seminars throughout the year for students and church leaders, both in lecture and workshop format.

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