Centenary College supports the use of social media for students, faculty, and staff.


Creating an official social media account

All approved official Centenary social media accounts are listed in the social media directory. Before creating a social media account please fill out a job request with the Office of Marketing and Communication. The Office of Marketing and Communication can help you decide if a separate account is best for your needs, determine the best platform for your audience, and assist in content creation. 

Once a job request has been submitted, the Office of Marketing and Communication will set up a meeting with you to discuss your goals and best practices for the account. 

If an account already exists, a user should use the existing account or do their due diligence to obtain login information. 


Maintaining an official social Media Presence

Social media is an important communication tool for Centenary College and is representative of the College. All accounts should be actively maintained. If an account cannot be regularly maintained the account credentials should be turned over to another officer of the organization, deactivated, or deleted if allowed by the social media channel. 

The Office of Marketing and Communication will notify account holders of any channels that appear to be abandoned and/or reflecting poorly on the College to discuss the status of the account. 



All passwords for accounts should be kept secure. At least two people should be aware of and have access to the password and login credentials. All student-affiliated accounts, including athletic accounts, should be stored in the Engage document page for an organization. 


Best Practices for Social Media


How often to post

In order for an account to be engaging, users like to see new content frequently. Here are minimum guidelines for certain platforms during the fall and spring semesters:

Facebook: once a week or every other week
Twitter: at least every other day
Instagram: once a week


Create Original Content

It is a best practice to create your own original content for your feeds. The Office of Marketing and Communication is here to help you create social media graphics and/or video to post on your accounts. Please submit a job request. 

If you would like to create your own graphics, Canva and Adobe Sketch are easy-to-use tools. Please refer to the College's Brand & Graphic Standards and run any graphics by the Office of Marketing and Communication BEFORE posting. 

If you use content from a different account or source, please credit or tag the original source. 


Profile Photo

Use or create a profile photo that appropriately identifies your organization. You may submit a job request if you need assistance from Marketing and Communication. 


Act Natural 

Use a friendly yet professional tone when creating content for social media. Engage with followers online as if you were having a conversation with them on campus. 


Adhere to Brand & Graphic Standards

Reference Centenary's Brand & Graphic Standards when creating images for social media. Your account should also have links that link to the webpage of your organization on the Centenary College website or to your organization's Engage page. 


Be thoughtful 

You are officially representing the college, so use good judgment when posting from an official College account or your personal account when posting on behalf of the College. If someone from the local media contacts you via social media, please redirect them to the Office of  Marketing & Communication. 


Ask for help

Reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communication if you have any questions or need assistance! 

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