Course Proposals

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Core Course Requirements


Culture Credit Proposal

  • Time Audit for Modules: All courses receiving academic credit must comply with the definition of a credit hour posted in the Academic Handbook. For example, a 3- or 4-credit module needs to fulfill the same number of hours of learning activities as a 3- or 4-credit course taught during the normal academic year. To help APC determine whether the proposed module meets this requirement, please provide a brief audit of the amount of time an average student would need to invest in the proposed module. This includes an accounting of such activities as, but not limited to:
    • Time students spend in class, discussion/recitation, or other academic activity. Travel time to and from a destination would likely not be relevant to the academic time audit, unless this time was also spent discussing course-related issues.
    • Amount of time preparing (reading, studying)
    • Time researching,writing, or preparing graded work
    • Time attending relevant events or activities. For CU modules, this may include time observing/participating in relevant cultural activities. However, in this case, APC needs a clear explanation of the academic merits of this time. For example, sitting on a beach, without additional explanation, would not be appropriate for the academic time audit.
    • Time spent participating in online discussions
      Examples of time audits for modules: