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You may also contact  318.869.5671.
Location: Rotary Hall, lower level (facing Kings Highway)

Referring a friend or student

If you would like to refer a student or friend to counseling it is helpful to share your concern with that person, letting them know that they are important to you and that you have taken the time to think about them and their well-being.


If you think a student's problems are serious and/or you want confirmation that he or she followed your suggestion to seek help, you can call 318.869.5466 or 5424 before the student comes to the Counseling Center. You can give the student's name and relevant information and ask a staff member to let you know whether the student comes for help. The counselor will ask the student's permission to call you to verify that he or she kept the appointment. We cannot confirm the appointment without the student's permission. 


If you or a student tell us that a situation is urgent, we will make every effort to see the student that day. In case of an emergency after normal business hours, contact DPS at 318-869-5000 or 911. You can also consult the list of 24-hour/emergency resources found here


Contact Info

Tina Feldt • Director of Counseling Services and Health Information

Erica Johnson • Coordinator for Counseling Services and Health Information •

Chloe Suire • Intern •

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