Chicago Manual of Style

Centenary uses the Chicago Manual of Style as the standard for printed and online publications. Some information on using the Chicago Manual can be found at this link. A printed copy of the manual is available in the Editor’s office in Sam Peter's.

Remember that Chicago style uses the Oxford comma.

  • The dress is red, black, and white.


Centenary house style differs from Chicago style in the following instances:

  • Civil titles are capitalized when used as part of a name and when used in apposition:
    • Chief Justice Roberts
    • John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States,
    • the chief justice
  • Professors with PhDs may be referred to as “Professor” or “Dr.”:
    • Professor Smith
    • Dr. Smith
  • Numbers one through ten will be spelled out in text (unless part of a mathematical equation), but numerals will be used for numbers 11 and above.