2017-2018 Members

Dr. Maureen Murov

Faculty-Natural Sciences
Dr. Kathrine Weeks

Faculty-Social Sciences
Dr. Amy Hammond, Chair

Ms. Shelby Pickett

Dir. Career Services
Ms. Beth Duet

Provost's Designee, ex-officio
Dr. Edward Ragan

Purposes and Responsibilities
This committee reports directly to the Academic Policy Council and administers faculty policies related to three degree requirements: CO 151: Service Learning, CA 250: Career Exploration, and CU 351: Intercultural Experience. This committee approves proposed courses and independent projects that meet the criteria for the career exploration, intercultural experience and/or the service-learning requirement according to approved guidelines. The committee advises the Director of Career Services in the teaching of CA 253: Career Strategies. The committee shall report all of its actions promptly to the Academic Policy Council, normally through its minutes and reports at faculty meetings.

The committee is composed of three faculty members, one elected by each division; one student; a director from the Intercultural Engagement, Community or Career offices; and the Provost (ex officio and without vote).



Last updated 03 October 2017