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Most of the links below lead to a DocuSign document. On the first page of the document, enter your name and email address and the names and email addresses of your instructor and/or advisor, if required.

Please be sure all email addresses are correct. Any errors will delay processing. Please note that faculty email addresses do not have .my like student addresses do. Please consult the Faculty/Staff Directory if you are not sure of someone's address. 

Then click "Begin Signing" to continue to the second page of the document, which is the actual form. After filling out the form, sign it. It will then go to the next recipient(s) before returning to the Registrar's Office for processing. The Registrar's Office will sign once the process is complete. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the form when all parties have signed. Please check BannerWeb to verify that any drops/adds, major/minor changes, or advisor/major changes have been made. 

For more information about different topics and detailed instructions on how to fill out these forms, please visit our FAQ page

Faculty forms are available here:


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Form Category
Form Name
Purpose of Form
Submission Deadline
(to add or drop courses for May & Summer term, email; last day to add is 2nd day of class - must petition for late add)  
Officially remove a class May Term: 4 P.M. on May 14 
Summer I: 4 P.M. on June 11 
Summer II: 4 P.M. on July 2
Full Summer: 4 P.M. on June 21 (must petition after drop deadline)
  Course Modification Form Change the grade mode to pass/D/fail same as drop date (must petition after drop deadline)
  Repeat/Replace Course Form  If retaking a course, have the first grade excluded from your institutional GPA the last day to add a course for the term you're retaking the course
  Non-Degree Seeking Student Course Enrollment Request Form Enrollment request form for non-Centenary students  
MAJORS & MINORS Major/Minor/Concentration Declaration Form  Declare new majors/minors  
  Major/Minor/Concentration Change Form  Change current majors/minors  
ADVISORS Add or Drop Advisor Form  Add or remove a secondary advisor  
  Change Advisor Form  Change your primary advisor  
Change of Information Form  To make updates or corrections to your preferred name, legal name, address, phone number, etc.  
TRANSFER CREDIT Transfer Course Equivalency Request Form  If taking course(s) outside of Centenary and want to make sure the course(s) will transfer in as desired  
  Order your official Centenary transcript or access unofficial transcript in BannerWeb To provide proof of academic work and achievements  
Foreign Language Proficiency and Credit Examination Request Form To make an appointment to take the placement exam  
Letter of Enrollment Request Form   To request a letter to provide proof of enrollment at Centenary  
Degree Plan Templates To help advisors and students work together to plan each term of coursework   
Application to Graduate (BA/BS) To officially notify the Registrar’s Office that you are completing undergraduate degree requirements for the selected semester.  
Application to Graduate (MAT/MBA) To officially notify the Registrar’s Office that you are completing graduate degree requirements for the selected semester.  
Catalog Change Form To change the catalog year if it's to the student’s benefit for degree completion   
Nomination for Departmental Honors Form To apply for departmental honors  
Graduation Tracking List Most recent list of students tracking for graduation  
Pronunciation of Name at Commencement Form To give a phonetic spelling of your name  
Degree Completion Plan  To participate in commencement without having met all requirements - must be within 8 hours of degree completion  
Change Graduation Date  If you have already applied to graduate but decided to delay graduating and participating in commencement to a later term  
Diploma Delivery Request Form  If you are not attending commencement/will complete degree after the ceremony  
Authorization to Release Diploma  If you will not attend graduation and someone else will receive your diploma on your behalf  
Diploma Reorder Form  To order duplicate copies of your diploma  
May Module Forms


Petition Form


International Exchange Student Official Transcript Request Form




FERPA Release Form (Available in the Registrar's Office) To give consent to discuss your academic history with a 3rd party  


Official Withdrawal Request Form (Available in the Registrar's Office) To withdraw from the College during a term  


Faculty Forms

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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.