Graduation Information

  • Application to Graduate from Centenary College
  • Are you on the Tracking Graduate Candidate List?

    To make the list you MUST have turned in both your Degree Plan to the Office of the Registrar AND applied to graduate (use one of the links above).

    Below are lists of all students being tracked for a May 2022 graduation. The lists are the same but one is sorted by major and the other by last name. 

Please check the lists above and immediately notify the Registrar's Office of any errors in degree, major, or diploma name. Please also note that any institutional honors are pending and will not be finalized until all grades have been received. 

  • Not going to Commencement? Request Your Diploma
  • Notes regarding the differences between diplomas, transcripts, and graduation programs: 

    Diplomas show only the degree earned (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master Business Administration, or Master of Arts) and your name and your graduation date

    Transcripts show your degree and each major, concentration, and minor along with institutional academic honors and departmental honors

    Graduation Programs list your name, your degree, and your major, along with a list of graduates receiving academic honors and departmental honors
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