How to Request an Official Transcript

Please read and follow all instructions to avoid delays in processing your transcript.

Official copies of your transcript must be ordered through Parchment. Click here to begin your order.  Enter the required information and follow each step to complete your order. Each transcript copy is $10. 

Important notes:

  • We will search for your records using the legal name you had when you were a student, so please include any alternate (such as as maiden) names.
  • Please verify that your email address, SSN, birthdate, and name are correctly entered. Any errors will delay processing. 
  • Transcript orders are typically processed within minutes of being placed. If you do not want your transcript sent until the conclusion of the current term, please select "hold for grades" when placing your order. If you want it sent once your degree has been awarded, please select "hold for degree." 
  • We are unable to resend transcripts once an order has been completed. You will have to place a second order. To avoid this, please verify that all recipient information has been entered correctly.
  • Future courses may appear as "in progress" on your transcript. If you are transferring to another school, email to notify us that you are transferring so that we can remove these courses. Failure to do so may result in the other school requesting a copy of your transcript without these courses listed, which means you would need to place a second order. 
  • Please be aware that most schools prefer to receive a transcript directly from the issuing school and will not consider a copy issued to the student as official. This may require you to place a second order, so verify first.  
  • Any holds will prevent us from sending your transcript. You will receive an email notifying you if we are unable to process your order due to a hold. 
  • If you are sending a transcript to any sort of "CAS" (AMCAS, etc.), it is possible to upload attachments in Parchment when placing your order. It is not necessary to send us a copy separately. 
  • If you attended Centenary after 1999, most transcript orders are automatically processed within minutes of your order being placed. Check your email for confirmation that the order has been processed or for any important messages regarding our ability to complete your order. 
  • If you attended Centenary prior to 1999, you may have what we consider a "legacy" transcript. We will still send your transcript electronically, but there may be a slight delay due to this being a manual, rather than automatic, process. Rest assured that we check for legacy orders multiple times a day during office hours. 
  • We are unable to directly email copies of either your official or unofficial transcript to you. Orders for official transcripts MUST be placed through Parchment. If you have access to BannerWeb, you can access your unofficial transcript. Please contact IT ( for password resets. If you do not have access because you attended Centenary prior to 1999, you must place an order for your official transcript. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering your transcript via Parchment. If you have any questions or problems, please either contact Parchment's customer support or the registrar's office at (318) 869-5146 or  


How to Obtain an Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcripts are intended for personal use. If you need to send your transcript to another person or organization, please order an official transcript

Students and Alumni with BannerWeb accounts can view, print, and save unofficial transcripts. After logging into BannerWeb, click on Student Self Service. Then click on View Unofficial Transcript. You will be able to view all credit hours earned at Centenary and all accepted transfer credits. To print, click on the three dots (in Chrome) or the three lines (in Firefox) in the upper-right corner and select Print from the menu (or simply press CTRL+P). To save, follow the same steps as printing, but in the dialog box that pops up, change your Destination from your printer to Save as PDF. 

Important note: BannerWeb underwent a significant change in Summer 2021. Rather than using your Student ID# and PIN to log in, you will use your Centenary email address and password. This means that if you are not a current student or did not graduate from Centenary, you will need to order an official copy. If you are an alum but do not remember your email address and password, you can order an official copy, or you can request a password reset from our IT department (submit a service request here or email 


Additional Information

  • Requests for financial aid transcripts should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office (318-869-5137).
  • Requests for immunization records should be referred to the Student Life Office (318-869-5117).
  • Requests for entrance test scores (ACT, GRE, SAT, ect.) should be referred to the testing agencies; they are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced.
  • Requests for transcripts from other institutions should be referred to the institution of origin. Centenary College is not authorized to copy another institution's transcript. This includes high school transcripts.
  • Requests for duplicate copies of your diploma can be submitted via the Duplicate Diploma Order Form. Please be advised that it can take 6-8 weeks to receive your diploma, and that each copy will cost $75. If an employer is asking for a copy of your diploma, it may be better to see if they will accept a copy of your official transcript, which can be provided much more quickly and will contain information regarding your degree(s) earned and the date(s). 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at

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