How to Handle Your Business

Who knew that handling your business could be so rewarding? “How do I handle my business?” you ask? Here’s how:

Fall to Spring:

  • Resolve any holds on your account.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Register for classes for next term with your advisor.
  • Make financial arrangements with the Business Office.

Spring to Fall:

  • Resolve any holds on your account.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Register for classes for next term with your advisor.
  • File the FAFSA and required documentation.

Make financial arrangements with the business office when you receive your bill.


  • How to Request a Transcript

Need an official transcript? We can help! Students and alumni can now request and send transcripts electronically! Log in to your BannerWeb account and click the "SCRIP-SAFE website" link. Follow the instructions from there. For more information, click here. Normal processing requires 1 or 2 business days; allow longer for peak office periods.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as Amended protects your educational records. In compliance with this law, Centenary College requires requests to be submitted from BannerWeb or by setting up a valid account with our transcript partner, SCRIP SAFE.

Need an UNofficial transcript? That's easy! Watch this video tutorial.


  • How to Log In to BannerWeb

Logging in to BannerWeb is easy once you view this how-to video: How to Log in to BannerWeb.


  • How to Check Your Ticket Time and Holds on Your Account

In order to check your ticket time (the period of time in which you are eligible to register for courses), you will need to log on to BannerWeb. Select “Student and Financial Aid” then “Registration” then “Check Your Registration Status”. You will be prompted to select the term for which you wish to register. Finally, a screen will appear that will tell you if you have any holds (which need to be resolved before you can register) and when your ticket time is.

You can also view This Video for a quick tutorial on how to check your holds.


  • How to Check Course Offerings

The course catalog has a list of all courses that can be potentially offered during the academic year. A list of courses that are being offered for the next term will be posted online prior to the registration period beginning. To view this list, go here and select the term that you need. View This Video for a quick tutorial.


  • How to Graduate from Centenary

Want to earn a degree? Of course you do! There are three steps you should take towards graduation:

1. Meet with your academic advisor to make a degree plan.

The degree plan helps you map out the requirements that you need to complete and make notations of the requirements that you have already completed.

2. Next, turn in your degree plan to the Registrar's Office.

3. You will need to complete the application to graduate no later than two semesters prior to your planned graduation date. The Director of Registration and Records or designee will evaluate your degree plan and let you know if all of the requirements are satisfied.

Would you like to see Centenary implement an online degree audit? A degree audit is a computer system that will evaluate the courses that you have completed against your degree requirements and tell you what you have left. Express Yourself!

  • How to Register for Classes

Ready to enroll in classes for next term? Great! We can help.

In order to enroll in courses, you will

1. contact your academic advisor and make an appointment during your ticket time.

All students are assigned a period of two weeks in which they can sign up for courses based on the number of credit hours that they have earned. Ticket times are posted to BannerWeb prior to the registration period (See How to Check Your Ticket Time).

2. You will need to be sure and resolve any holds on your account before you will be able to register for classes.

3. Next, check out the course offerings for next term and plan a potential schedule (with a few alternates).

During your advising session, you will be able to select the courses that you need for the next term and enroll in a seat for each course. Below is information that you will need during your advising session:

  • Student ID Number – found on your Student ID Card, usually starts with 000
  • PIN Number – your secret 6 digit password to log in to BannerWeb
  • A copy of your Degree Plan, if you have made one – this will help guide your planning
  • A list of courses – it will be most helpful to include the CRN’s (Course Reference Number) of each course

4. Once you have enrolled in your courses, you will receive a bill from the business office. You will need to make financial arrangements with the business office so that you may attend class and make progress towards your degree.

Quick Summary:

1. Take care of any holds.
2. Check your ticket time on BannerWeb.
3. Make an appointment with your advisor.
4. Meet with your advisor and sign up for courses for next term.
5. Make financial arrangements with the Business Office.


  • How to Transfer Credit to Centenary

Thinking of taking a course at a different school to transfer back to Centenary? Before you spend the time and money, come by our office and make sure that it will transfer! You should complete the “Approval for Transfer Course Equivalencies” form. Information that you will need to complete the form includes:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The institution where you will take the course
  • The course subject, number, and title

The Registrar's Office will then compare that course description with the courses offered at Centenary to determine if there is an equivalent course. Upon approval, this form is your guarantee that the credits you earn will transfer to Centenary, assuming that you make a “C” or better.


  • How to Enter Grades (for Faculty)

Want a refresher on entering grades for your students? Check out This Video.


  • How to Withdraw from Centenary

Students withdraw from the College for various reasons including personal, financial, or academic. If you wish to leave the college during an academic term, please contact the Registar's Office for assistance.  Withdrawal from the College results in a grade of “W” on your transcript, which does not impact your GPA. More information about withdrawal can be found in the catalog.


How to Take a Leave of Absence from Centenary

Do you need to temporarily leave Centenary? Students take a leave of absence from the College for specific reasons including personal, health, or family concerns. The leave of absence maintains communication between the College and the student on leave and facilitates an easy return to campus. Students who need to take a leave must start with the Dean of Students, Mark Miller. More information about a Leave of Absence can be found in the catalog.

How to fill out an Academic Petition

The faculty has established a procedure to act on the requests of students for exception to, or waiver of, academic regulations. Prior to drafting the petition the student must consult with his or her advisor. Please visit or call the Registar's Office to learn what a student may petition and to access the petition system.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.