Sport Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management

Sport management comprises all forms and functions of leadership within professional, collegiate, and amateur athletic organizations. A bachelor's degree in sport management provides students with leadership, business, operations, and analytical skills useful within the sport industry. Building on the liberal arts foundation of a Centenary education, the Sport Management curriculum is designed to equip students with the breadth and flexibility of mind to relate the complex relationships of sport with society as a whole. The Sport Management major prepares students to enter an increasingly global environment and also provides exposure to social, human, cultural, international, political, and ethical issues as they relate to sport. The major covers economics, finance, marketing, sales, law, product development, and facility management. Specifically, students in SPMT will learn to apply analytical tools to sport business situations, understand ethical conduct principles and values, explore a global view of sport business, and recognize the broad spectrum of relationships affecting a sport business and its external environment.

Major Requirements

The major requires 11 major courses and 3 support courses. The major utilizes common business courses such as management, accounting, commercial law, and economics.



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