Mission Statement
It is our mission to support and advise students in understanding their financial obligations to Centenary College by employing patience and effective communication. The Business Office is dedicated to the development, education, and success of our students by:

• Providing exceptional service
• Maintaining accuracy of accounts
• Being responsive to their needs
• Encouraging their development into financially responsible adults

It is our pledge to serve with respect, honesty, and compassion in a professional and individualized manner.

The Business Office is responsible for the invoicing and collection of the following:

• Tuition
• Room/board
• Mandatory fees
• Parking tickets
• Other miscellaneous charges on a student's account

We provide excellent customer service, account analysis, assistance in resolving difficulties with invoicing issues, and facilitate financial arrangements for students, parents and guardians. Our office also holds the notes on Perkins Loans during the repayment period.

BannerWeb can be used to access account information as well as specific details about various transactions related to the accounts.

To obtain access to the Banner Finance system, you must complete and submit a Banner Web Authorization form. Proper authorization is required for permission to finance access to funds and orgs. The form MUST be submitted by the department head.The Controller’s Office has put together a manual that will hopefully help you better understand how to use the BannerWeb system. The Banner Web Manual is a step-by-step process of how to access your accounts and specific data regarding your accounts. Each page has both text and visual descriptions explaining the next step.

To view costs for Centenary College of Louisiana visit the costs webpage.

Payment Plans
Centenary offers various payment plans to make tuition payments. 

Online Tuition Payments
Online tuition payments makes it easy to pay fees using your preferred credit or debit card. Pay online, it's fast, easy, and secure.

Credit Balance
A credit balance in a student’s account will be refunded when a written request is submitted to the Business Office. Refunds will be made in the form of a refund check. Also note that, with the exception of Parent/PLUS loan, any credit balance will be refunded to the student regardless of who remitted the payment to the student account (e.g., parent, grandparent). If a Parent PLUS Loan overpays a student’s account and a refund is requested, the refund check will be issued on the Parent PLUS Loan borrower’s name unless the borrower requests otherwise.

Dropping Courses
Non-attendance of class does not constitute a drop. There will be no tuition or fee adjustments for dropping courses after the 7th day of classes while the student continues in other courses. The standing drop and add dates are waived for students studying overseas in a program administered by the College. Students should be aware, however, that they will be responsible for additional tuition charges should they be incurred by a late add and, further, that a late drop will not receive a tuition refund.

Faculty and Staff Meal Plans
Looking for a convenient lunch destination close to work that serves delectable food? Look no further! Centenary College Campus Dining offers fabulous cuisine for an excellent value to our faculty and staff. Network with coworkers, meet students and build community with us! Campus dining isn’t just for students. The dining hall also offers convenient, affordable and healthy meals for employees. If you are interested in a meal plan, please complete the Faculty/Staff Meal Plan Form and return it the Business Office.

Financial Petition
Students requesting an exception to, or waiver of, financial regulations should complete a financial petition form-See Attached. See the Business Office for financial petition forms and for information on what issues may or may not be petitioned

Access to Web registration can be prevented by holds. Log in to BannerWeb to address their holds. To avoid incurring a late-payment fee, a hold on a student account, and delays in housing, registration, and other areas, individuals are urged to pay fees when due.

Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements can result in a hold on a student account, which can result in delay of graduation, denial of registration privileges, removal from class, and/or the withholding of transcripts.

Please contact the appropriate office with questions about holds.

Miscellaneous Receipts
Departments handling cash are responsible for the safekeeping of the College assets. Physical security should be emphasized to every employee involved in cash handling. If a safe location is not available within the department, the cash and receipt should be brought to the Business Office on campus for safekeeping. All cash/check receipts must be attached to a Miscellaneous Cash Receipt form and submitted to the Business Office in a timely manner. The total on the miscellaneous deposit form should agree with the total of each payment type.

Perkins Loans In Repayment
Centenary College holds the note on our students' Perkins/NDSL Loans. Perkins Loans are serviced by UNISA, Inc , an outside billing company. Loan recipients will receive invoices from them, not the Centenary College.

Please contact UNISA with any questions concerning your rights and responsibilities:


7400 East Arapahoe Road
Suite 10
Englewood, CO 80112-1279
(800) 875-8910
(303) 221-5626



Statement of Student Responsibility
Students who register at Centenary College of Louisiana:

• Assume responsibility of full payment for tuition and fees generated from that registration
• Assume full responsibility of all room, board, and miscellaneous charges, if applicable
• Must keep a current mailing address for billing purposes on file at the Student Accounts Office. Failure to receive a bill because of an incorrect address does not relieve responsibility of timely payments.

Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements can result in delay of graduation, denial of registration privileges, removal from classes, withholding of transcripts, and/or referral to a collection agency.

Students whose accounts are referred to a collection agency will be liable for all collection costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for collection of this debt. Accounts referred to collections are reported to the credit bureau(s).

By registering for classes, students acknowledge receipt of this information and their acceptance of the associated responsibilities.

Contact Info

Shari Favors or Jacob Mosher

Financial Clerk or Business Office Intern