Below are a few frequently asked questions about the Centenary College Local Housing Policy.

Where can I live while attending Centenary?

Because we know that Centenary students who live on campus are more engaged and generally have a more successful college experience than those who live off campus, the College encourages all students to live in a campus residence hall. The College does allow “local” students to live off campus at the residence of a parent or guardian if they choose.

Who is considered “local?”

“Local students” at Centenary are any students who, when admitted to the College, qualified for a room fee waiver because their family resided in the 711 and 710 area codes in northwest Louisiana.

I don’t want to live with my parents. Can I live in an apartment by myself or with some friends?

No. But if you are looking for some independence and want to live around your friends, the residence halls and Rotary Apartments are a great choice!

How will the College know where I’m living?

If you make the choice to live off campus with a parent or guardian, you will submit the local address on your housing selection form. If your parent or guardian moves, you will need to update the College with the new address. If you are found to be living at an address that is not where your parent or guardian lives, you will be responsible for the annual price of a residence hall room and a full meal plan and will be assigned to campus housing for subsequent semesters.

If I am living with my parents, can I still eat on campus?

Yes. All “local” students living off campus will be required to purchase a commuter meal plan. It includes six meals per week at the Caf, plus $200 per year in Cent Bucks that can be used at the Caf or Randle’s. You can also purchase a larger meal plan if you’d like to eat more meals on campus.

I’ve been living in a Centenary residence hall. Do I have to stay in the residence hall or can I move home?

This policy applies to all current, prospective first-year, and transfer students who were considered a "local" student when they were admitted to the college. You are welcome to make a change at each semester. Reach out to for more information.

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