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Upcoming Events

Centenary Baseball Camp

Athletic Complex | Shehee Baseball Stadium

Centenary Baseball Camp

SOAR panels

Bynum Commons | Whited Room

Sessions for students and parents in the whited room

Get to know Your neighbor

Activity in the Cline Courtyard

My Life Story

Moore Student Union Building - SUB | SUB Main Lobby

Activity for incoming students in the SUB

Parent/Family Reception

Anderson Choral Building | Atrium

Parents reception with SOAR staff, Tina, Beth, faculty/staff in Anderson auditorium

Centenary Lacrosse Camp

Athletic Complex | Mayo Soccer Field

Lacrosse Camp aimed at High schoolers in the Shreveport-Bossier Area

SPF: The Self

Smith Building | Smith Room 107

Our conversation about suffering led us to think about consciousness and the self. As time passes and we go through changes, it seems like our selves endure. We remain the same person who undergoes changes. Both the Buddha and David Hume challenge this assumption. Introspection only reveals ideas and emotions, but not self which has these ideas and emotions. Descartes posited an immaterial substance, mind, which makes us who we are. The self was the first thing we could be certain existed. Others reject Cartesian dualism and identify the self with the body. I am the same person so long as the body remains the same. To get us thinking, read this short, entertaining essay by Daniel Dennett. He goes through a series of challenging thought experiments to try to answer the simple question, where am I?

Placement Exams

Students taking Spanish and French Placement exams in Magale Library

Mega Relay

Relay Race between small groups held in Kilpatrick auditorium

LAte-Night Activities

Moore Student Union Building - SUB | SUB Main Lobby

Late night activities in the Sub with snacks for SOAR participants