Employee Termination and Off-Boarding

Thank you for your service to Centenary College of Louisiana. We wish you all the best on your next adventure. As you leave to start a new chapter in your life, there are responsibilities you must complete to ensure a successful employment separation “off-boarding” process.


• Please note your employment end date is your last day actually worked.
• Please provide written notice of resignation or retirement to Human Resources

o Executive Staff members should give a minimum of sixty (60) days written notice prior to termination and should plan to leave the College at a semester break.
o Exempt Staff members should give a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice prior to termination.
o Non-Exempt Staff members should give a minimum of fourteen (14) days written notice prior to termination.

Separation Checklist

  • Employee Separation Checklist
    All employees (Staff, Faculty, and Retirees), please make sure to complete the checklist with your supervisor or department’s Executive Admin. The items on this checklist need to be completed by the employee ahead of their final day of work.
  • Employee Exit Questionnaire
    Centenary is committed to providing a positive work experience for all employees. Your feedback about your employment experience can provide valuable information to improve our employment practices. The information shared in this questionnaire is confidential and for use by the Division of Human Resources only. The data will only be viewed by those who would be able to act upon the information or suggestions provided.
  • Supervisor/Manager Off-boarding checklist

This offboarding checklist outlines the steps a manager should follow to support the exit/transfer of a staff member.

Working with the staff member as well as any designated contacts in your department, follow the steps outlined below to ensure the offboarding process for your staff member runs smoothly. Not all steps will apply to all staff members — complete only if applicable.

  1. Plan for Knowledge and Data Transfer
    Arrange a time to meet with the staff member to discuss the status of their work/projects/etc. and plans for knowledge transfer as required. In addition to any knowledge transfer that must take place, ensure any university information/data is also transferred to an accessible secure shared drive and is not saved on the staff member's computer drive.
  2. Finalize Outstanding Expenses/Advances (if applicable)
    Ensure the staff member has submitted all outstanding expenses before the end of their last day and they have been approved for processing. Also, if the staff member has any outstanding expense advances, ensure they have been paid back.
  3. Relocation Repayment
    If relocation reimbursement was provided to the employee and they are leaving the college prior to the return-in-service commitment being met, they will be required to refund the remaining portion.
  4. Approve Final Timesheet (if applicable)
    Ensure the employee has submitted their final timesheet, review and submit your approval so their final pay can be processed.
  5. Connect with the Business Office (regarding budget ownership, if applicable)
    If this employee was a department budget owner in your faculty or unit, contact the Business Office to identify impacts their departure might have on administration of budgets in your faculty or unit. It is important that their departure does not leave a gap in the approval processes required to maintain consistent faculty or unit operations.
  6. Return of College Property
    On the staff member’s last day, ensure they return all keys/swipe access cards (including office, filing cabinet, building access cards, electronic access cards, etc.). Also, collect and destroy all remaining business cards.


  • Benefits end the last day of the month in which you work.
  • Information on continuing medical/dental/vision coverage through COBRA will be mailed to your home from EBMS.

For any questions about your benefits, please contact HR.

Final Paycheck & Unused Vacation Payout

  • Final paycheck will be direct deposited by your last day of employment. If you do not have direct deposit, you can pick up your check at the Payroll Office.
  • Any unused vacation up to the maximum allowance, based on current college policy will be paid out within 15 days following the last paycheck the employee received for regular wages. This allows the department sufficient time to verify that no overpayment has occurred, that all leave balances are accurate, and that all college property has been returned prior to a leave payout.



Please consult with HR about this process to ensure a smooth transition.

Employee Notice of Resignation

Centenary College of Louisiana understands that many circumstances arise that may necessitate resigning from employment. If an employee decides to resign, which an employee may do at any time for any reason, they should notify their supervisor or department head in writing in advance of the resignation effective date. Executive Staff should give sixty (60) days’ notice; Exempt Staff should give thirty (30) days’ notice; Non-Exempt Staff should give fourteen (14) days’ notice and Faculty members should give as far in advance notice as possible. Staff members who give insufficient notice of termination are not eligible for re-employment. Employees may not use vacation in any manner to extend their employment ending date. If an employee’s decision to resign is based upon a situation that could be corrected, the employee is encouraged to discuss it with a supervisor, a department head, or Human Resources before making a final decision.

Accelerating Notice of Resignation

In appropriate circumstances, the College may accelerate an employee’s notice of resignation and make it effective immediately or on any other date. Under these circumstances, an employee will be paid through the last day worked.

The College’s Right to Terminate Employment

An employment relationship with administrative/professional staff at the College is on an at-will basis. Therefore, the College has the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause or notice. In situations when Centenary terminates a staff member’s employment, it is in the best interest of the employee and the College to make the termination effective immediately.

Exit Interview

If an employee resigns employment, his or her supervisor, department head, or Human Resources may request that the employee participates in an exit interview. The primary purposes of an exit interview are to review benefit eligibility, to ensure that all necessary documents have been completed, and to provide the employee with an opportunity to discuss job-related experiences. If an employee wishes to initiate an exit interview, the employee should contact Human Resources.

Vacation Leave

If a staff employee resigns or employment is terminated for any reason, the employee will be paid any accrued, unused vacation leave.

Exiting Employees are responsible for completing the following action items:

At the time employment ends, all employees must:

1. Contact the Business Office to pay any outstanding fees.

2. Enter and complete a credit card expense report in Certify – where appropriate.

3. Return your College ID card, classroom/office/building keys, and laptop along with the charging chord if one was issued.

4. Enter your final time and any pending time off into eSelfServe for approval and processing for your final check (if applicable).

5. Update all personal information (including home and mailing addresses, home phone number, home email address, and emergency contact information) in eSelfServe to ensure your W2 is mailed to the correct address.

6. Meet with Human Resources to discuss exiting benefits and return the complete Exit Questionnaire


Supervisor/Manager of an Exiting Employees is responsible for:

• Submitting an HRAF letter in DocuSign well in advance of the employee’s last day -attach the employee’s resignation letter.

• Scheduling and holding meetings with the employee

Discuss handoff of current job functions

Discuss any pending/future activities due

• Advising the employee of closeout actions above

• Creating Transition Plan

Identify who can and/or will take position role/responsibilities and how long

Consider the impact, even if temporary, that this may have on the overall productivity

Work with the department head and HR on any proposed position backfill

• Notifying department/team – where appropriate

Do not share any privileged information or details behind the employee’s decision to leave the college. Simply inform them that the person is no longer employed.

Discuss transition plan

OPTIONAL - Arrange with IT Services:

submit a telephone services request to have the employee's telephone number put in the name of the department

request that a department voicemail is set up and provide the name of a current employee who will receive the messages



“Offboarding” refers to the administrative activities that must be conducted when a staff or faculty member ends his or her employment with the College. This checklist provides the activities that need to be completed when an employee terminates their employment with the college.

Information Technology

• Collect the Laptop and any peripheral IT equipment from the employee.

• Respond to “Offboarding” DocuSign

• Notify HR & Payroll of any “Offboarding” non-compliance

• Remove access: 


• Unassign all devices – via KACE and AD

• Remove Email from the directory o disable their AD (Active Directory) account and place it in the Terminated OU

• Remove any Third-Party System access - any other system access which may be used by the department but not by the whole college.

• Close out any other items not specifically addressed above

• Upon request of department manager: redirect email and/or phone assignment


• Review with the employee any outstanding charges and/or fines, or other charges – arrange for repayment where applicable

• Review with the employee any Credit Card expenses to ensure all receipts have been submitted; assist employee where needed to finalize credit card statement

• Collect any assigned Credit card from the employee

• Respond to “Offboarding” DocuSign

• Notify HR & Payroll of any “Offboarding” non-compliance

• Inactivate

budget profile in Banner

Credit card in Certify and Origin, where appropriate

• Initiate credit collection proceedings, when/if terminated employee is found to be non-compliant


• Upon notification of termination suspend accruals in APS in accordance with payroll timing

• Per receipt of the “Offboarding” DocuSign prepare the termed employees’ final payroll

Check with HR to confirm faculty lump-sum or continued deferred pay

Marketing & Communication

• Upon notice of “termination” email from HR, schedule the removal of termed employee from the website directory per the employee’s termination date

National – Post Office

• Verify any personal mailbox; redirect mail to the department or sender

Information for Exiting Employees
Exit Questionnaire 
Exit Benefits

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.