Effective Date: 01/01/97
Revised: 8/26/14


To provide the benefit of tuition remission for full time Centenary College employees and their dependents.


Centenary College wishes to encourage its employees to continue their education through either auditing or registering for and attending undergraduate classes. All full-time, disabled, and retired employees may take any undergraduate course free of charge (limited to one course per semester) after a year of continuous employment at the College, subject to supervisor approval and seat availability.

Dependents of full-time Centenary College employees are entitled to a discount schedule for remission of their tuition. A dependent is defined as a legal spouse, domestic partner or legal dependent under the age of 25.

During the first 12 months of employment, dependents are entitled to a 25% discount on tuition, after 12 months of employment a reduction of 50% will be given, after 24 months of employment a reduction of 75% will be given, and after 36 months dependents may have full tuition benefits. No fees are included in the remission. Percentages apply to the number of hours the dependent is taking. Dependents are eligible to use tuition remission toward their first undergraduate degree only.

No tuition remission is available for graduate training.

Those eligible for scholarship and federal aid benefits are expected to apply for these sources of aid that may be available to them in an effort to reduce the financial burden to the College. College tuition remission will be reduced by the amount the dependent receives from other sources designated as tuition scholarship aid.

Those using the Tuition Remission benefit are not eligible for the Centenary Tuition Exchange Program and vice versa.

Last updated August 26, 2014