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CIPCode Degree Program Concentration(s) Minor(s)
09.0100 B.A. Communication *Creative Strategic Content
*New Media Design
*Creative Strategic Content
*New Media Design
13.1202 B.A. Elementary Education *Community and Social Justice *Education (Non-Licensure)
*Education (Non-Licensure) Community and Social Justice
13.1202 Master of Arts Teaching Elementary Education    
13.1205 B.A. Secondary Education    
13.1205 Master of Arts Teaching Secondary Education    
13.1312 B.A. Vocal Music Education    
13.1312 Master of Arts K-12 Choral Music    
16.0901 B.A. French   *French
23.0101 B.A. English *Literary and Cultural Studies
*Creative Writing
26.0101 B.A. Biology   *Biology
26.0101 B.S. Biology   *Biology
26.0202 B.S. Biochemistry    
26.1501 B.S. Neuroscience   *Neuroscience
27.0101 B.A. Mathematics   *Mathematics
27.0101 B.S. Mathematics   *Mathematics
*Mathematics - Computer Science
30.0000 B.A. Individualized Major    
30.0000 B.S. Individualized Major    
31.0504 B.S. Sport Management   *Sport Management
31.0505 B.S. Kinesiology    
38.0101 B.A. Philosophy   *Philosophy
38.0201 B.A. Religious Studies   *Religious Studies
40.0501 B.S. Chemistry   *Chemistry
40.0501 B.S. Chemistry-ACS Accredited    
40.0601 B.A. Geology   *Geology
40.0601 B.S. Geology *Traditional Geology
*Environmental Geology
40.0801 B.A. Physics   *Physics
40.0801 B.S. Physics   *Physics
42.0101 B.A. Psychology   *Psychology
42.0101 B.S. Psychology (3/2 Program)   *Psychology
45.0601 B.A. Economics   *Economics
45.1001 B.A. Political Science   *Politcal Science
45.1101 B.A. Sociology   *Sociology
50.0501 B.A. Theatre   *Theatre
50.0701 B.A. Art *Studio Art
*Art History
*Studio Art
*Art History
50.0901 B.A. Music *Performance
52.0201 B.S. Business Administration *Commerce
*Data Analytics
*Economic Policy
*International Business
*Sport Management
*Business Administration
52.0201 Master Business Administration    
52.0301 B.S. Accounting   *Accounting
54.0101 B.A. History   *History
      *Computer Science
  Dual Degree (3/2 Program)
B.S. Engineering from participating institution 
AND one of:
*B.A./B.S. Geology
*B.A./B.S. Mathematics
*B.A./B.S. Biochemistry
*B.A./B.S. Individualized Major
      *Environment and Society
      *Gender Studies
      *Legal Studies
      *Museum Management


Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.